Preferred Assessors

The deep-rooted structured study and comprehensive reports of AI Expert-Assessors will open your eyes to facts. Our reports highlight gaps and suggest how to economically prevent your organization from fatal vulnerabilities and subsequent damages.

Experienced Auditors

Headed by experts in industrial administration and security function, our security experts have responsibly managed huge industrial establishments, townships, public schools, training centres, large transport fleets, banks, hostels and guest houses.

Technical Expertize

Extensive use of Technology ensures we dont just compete, but dominate the security audit & rating industry. Technocrats who lead the R&D and innovation team of Assesss Intelligencia, are best from the IT industry with decades of experience securing high-risk setups.

Our services

AI has experts from diverse institutional background, security professionals, facility managers and team of auditors who collectively offer :


Study the organization’s needs, routine activities and practices followed at each operational stage


Research of inherent threats and possible gaps in the existing organisational practices


Detect the infrastructural, socio-environmental, internal, and topographical security vulnerabilities


Examine existing security systems and assess their effectiveness, vis-à-vis challenges


Suggest an economical and effective preventive security module, tailor made, for the organisation


Provide sustainability audits and follow up visits to implement and streamline the suggested systems


There is a growing anxiety among the establishments that they are making huge investments on Asset Security. And despite such new technology gadgets, the incidents and accidents still happen. What goes wrong actually? How to prevent such failures? What to do, to make things fool proof?